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Pet of the Month

The goal of this page is to celebrate your special pet and share their story.

If you would like to submit a pet for nomination, please send an email to [email protected] including a picture, description, and what makes your pet special. Please know that any information you send may be shared on this website.

We will post a new pet every month. Our "Pet-of-the-Month" committee will narrow the nominations to three finalists and the winner will be selected during our monthly staff meeting. The winner willl receive a $25 credit on their account, a Family Pet Hospital T-shirt, and the choice of one of our eligible pet products. Any submissions made after the 10th day of the current month will be considered for next month's special pet.

February 2017 - MeeshaLee


Meesha Lee is the best little girl and so incredibly full of personality! Meesha is a 14 year old Shih Tzu that has been coming to Family Pet Hospital since she was a puppy. She is full of herself most of the time. She loves to play with her toys (she has a lot to choose from) and her favorite game is fetch. Meesha stole my heart the first day I met her, many years ago.

When she was younger, she used to come up front in the reception area, looking for toys. Of course we NEVER denied Meesha Lee of anything, especially toys. She is such a special girl - as a young dog at our old clinic, when we didn’t have “boarding”, Meesha was allowed to board and would only eat if hand fed. Once we moved to our new building, Meesha still got special privileges and was allowed to stay upstairs, in Dr. Bray’s office, while she was boarding. Meesha has always known she is a princess, with princess privileges. Being doted over is one of her favorite past times and she especially loves being brushed, it helps her sleep better.

She has always had us wrapped around her little paw, and Meesha has her Mom wrapped around her little paw too. Mrs. Amrock and Meesha have a special bond; the love they have for each other is incredible - two peas in pod. These two ladies have a wonderful life together!
Written by Kristi Robinson

January 2017 - Gus

Gus is an eight-year-old rottweiler mix with a great personality. He has been seeing Dr. Casey since he was a puppy. The doctors at Family pet hospital were able to figure out what was wrong with his front legs and was able to have surgery to fix them which has helped him so much. Gus loves everyone at Family Pet Hospital because they always make him feel so comfortable when he is there.


December 2016 - Max Miles

From the Miles Family:

Max was rescued from an animal shelter in 2007 at 6-7 months of age. He was timid at first, but warmed up to our family quickly. Max means a great deal to our family, he is a son, grandson, nephew, and most recently a brother. He enjoys spending time outside watching everything he can see. Close to a year ago Max was diagnosed with health issues. He has been so strong through everything that he has had to endure. We love Max so very much and can’t imagine a life without him. He is an amazing son and we are so thankful to have him in our lives. We are also very thankful for his family at Family Pet Hospital for always being there for him and loving him as we do.

Max Miles

September 2016 - Boomer

Boomer was nominated for pet of the month by the staff of Family Pet Hospital for this reason:

When you look into the soft golden brown eyes of our Boomer, the wisdom staring directly back is undeniable.

His calm, self assurance fills all with a relaxing energy that will uplift any spirit. Dont let his 11 years and recent health issues fool you, Boomer still loves to howl at the moon, speak for treats, and explore the thickets around any pond (sniffing out any varmints.) He is constantly reminding us why he will always be our/your best buddy!


August 2016 - Kate

Our clinic cat

Kate was a lover of nature and temptations cat treats. She was so sassy and independent but also knew how to work each of us with her sweet face to get extra snuggles and snacks.

Many of our clients loved her too and knew her by name. They loved petting her and visiting her at the receptionist desk. Kate belonged to each of us but formed a special bond with Chanda, our head kennel technician. They were inseperable. Chanda would carry Kate around on her shoulder and let Kate sit in her lap on her lunch breaks and completely spoiled her.

As Kate's health began to fade, Chanda brought her home where Kate stole the hearts of the rest of her family too. We loved you Kate, You will be missed!

July 2016 - Trooper


We met Trooper in Maputo, Mozambique, the same week our family re-located to Southwest Africa. He was one of three unexpected puppies born to his Jack Russell mother in April 2014. Nobody knows for sure who his dad was, but we believe he was part Basenji and part African "street dog.”

We took Trooper into our family as soon as he was weened. He kept our three boys company everyday. Not having a school or even many peers to connect with, Trooper quickly became the boys best friend and sat with them during homeschooling hours. He made daily life fun. Trooper’s favorite things to do in Mozambique were chasing birds, digging deep holes in beach sand and interacting with the troublesome vervet monkey that visited daily.

In February, Trooper got his importation papers and traveled to the United States with us. His body shivered for one week while adjusting from tropical life to winter! He is presently loving “farm life” in Edmond, Oklahoma. His boys attend school now, so he spends his days taking leash walks, driving to the bank & Elementary School. He works hard at keeping the boys bed warm while they are away.
We love him a lot and nominate him as Pet of the Month because of his adaptability, strength and loyalty.

- Leslie Stamps

May 2016 - Sammy Haywood

Sammy has brought so much joy and love to our lives. He is exceptionally smart and always tells us when it’s time for breakfast or dinner. He loves to go on walks in the neighborhood and meet all of his four legged friends. We love him dearly and he loves all of the girls at Dr. Bray’s office, of course Dr. Bray is his favorite!

-Lyn Haywood

Sammy Haywood

March 2016 - Fawn Martinez

We love Fawn!

Fawn Martinez

February 2016 - Lizi Stewart

Lizi is a people dog. She will lick you to death (she can’t hold her licker). All her training goes out the window when company comes, then stand clear! She is very sweet. She is my best friend.


Lizi is a face you want to see on a bad day. Her bright spirit and loving heart will always make me smile. Lizi’s warm eyes will melt away your troubles and l look forward to every visit. Best girl EVER!


Lizi Stewart

December 2015 - Mr. Puggles Knox

Our December Pet-of-the-Month is a very special boy! Mr. Puggles was originally adopted by the Knox family to be a companion for Mr. Knox, when Mr. Knox had become weaker from cancer (that he had already been battling for two and a half years), and was having to spend more time at home. Mr. Knox has always loved animals. It had been two years since their beloved “Brandy” had passed over the Rainbow Bridge, and God led them to find Mr. Puggles. Mr. Puggles was a rescue, and the Knox family believed that due to him being rescued, he was abundantly grateful and settled in perfectly to being the perfect companion for Mr. Knox. If Mr. Knox went to the couch, Mr. Puggles went to the couch. If Mr. Knox went to bed, Mr. Puggles went to bed. Mr. Puggles was always by his side and gave Mr. Knox an abundance of smiles (which made Mrs. Knox happy, because Mr. Knox had the most infectious and heart-warming smile). Mr. Puggles was by his side up until the end when Mr. Knox went to be with his Lord and Savior on November 6th of this year. And although Mr. Knox has passed, Mr. Puggles still has an important job, maybe even more important, of helping Mrs. Knox grieve, of helping her remember the beautiful times with Mr. Knox, and above all help her SMILE. The doctors and staff at Family Pet Hospital are beyond honored to care for Mr. Puggles, to have known and cared for Mr. Knox, and to continue to care for the incredible Mrs. Knox.

Mr. Puggles Knox

November 2015 - Shila Horton

I rescued Shi from the Stillwater, OK animal shelter when I was in college 9 years ago. She is the best dog - very expressive and has always been my girl. She enjoys digging, talking, napping, and curling up on my lap for evening pets.

Her blue eyes always express what she is thinking.
​-Kim Horton

Shila Horton

October 2015 - Sadye Spies

Sadye is a shaded cream long hair dachshund.

She keeps me intertwined and is not nearly as innocent as she looks here.
- Jayne Spies

Sadye Spies

September 2015 - Tequila "Tequi" Torres

Tequila is a sweet, wonderful, cuddly lovebug! He is 8 1/2 years old and loves his belly rubbed more than anything! He is very gentle and loves to go for walks, just not too far! He gets along with all other animals and if you're lucky, will give you a lil' kiss. He also loves riding in the car, especially when he gets to go see his favorite family at The Family Pet Hospital!
​- Erin

Tequila Torres

July 2015 - Ziva Campbell

This is Ziva. She is a Pit Bull. She is anywhere from 4 to 7 years old. I found her as a stray. She loves to be touched and is a very loving dog. When she is not asking to be touched or asking for walks, she likes chewing on her black Kong ball.


June 2015 - Shazam Maule

Shazam is my dream dog with all the spunk, attitude, big sloppy kisses and love I could ever wish for!


Shazam Maule

May 2015 - Thor Atchley

When we first met Thor, he was very slow and cautious. He did already love to give hugs but wasn't sure of the world around him. When we brought Thor home from Pet Angels Rescue, he was afraid of EVERYTHING! He was scared of the TV, our other dogs, and even the ceiling fans. But, over then next several days, he began to come out of his shell. What we thought would be a great therapy dog because of his laid back nature is much more hyper and courageous than we ever would have imagined. He now loves to play with all our dogs, barking and growling right along with them. Thor is still afraid of things like helicopters and lawn mowers. He's a slobbering mess but we love him anyway!
​-Courtney Atchley

Thor Atchley

April 2015 - Daisy and Mia Rowell

If you’ve met DAISY, you know she only has one volume and that is LOUD! She was our first puppy girl and we’ve learned a lot about her and ourselves in the 4 years that we’ve had her. She is smart and recognizes her toys by name. She is stubborn and LOVES to play. She is tough on the outside and soft on the inside and she loves EVERYONE that she meets. MIAis SWEET and loves to snuggle. She gets cold and has to be “tucked in” at night. She gets so excited when she greets us and when we get the food out that she makes “Woo Woo” sounds. She loves to be outside and checks the perimeter of the fence to keep us safe. Bluebird is her favorite toy and she takes him everywhere.

Daisy and Mia Rowell

February 2015 - Max & Kitty Kat Kultgen

Max & Kitty Kat Kultgen

Max & Kitty Kat are our spoiled precious babies. They are three years old and have lived with us since they were 6 weeks old. They are full blood Chihuahuas - brother and sister. Max is short-haired and Kitty Kat is long-haired. They are loyal, loving and a joy to have in our family.They enjoy walks in the neighborhood, chasing birds in the backyard, sunning themselves and looking out the front window . They have also successfully completed beginner education classes sponsored by Petsmart training. We hope to enroll in more classes soon. Thank you to all the vets and office staff at Family Pet Hospital that take such great care of our pups !

January 2015 - Our Pets

Our love for animals is what brought each of us to the field of Veterinary Medicine and eventually to Family Pet Hospital. These pets are our babies and play a very important part in our lives. We wanted to begin 2015 by honoring and recognizing them, and thanking each of them for putting up with our job and the long hours away from home, and for not disowning us when we come home smelling like another animal. They have helped each of us through many milestones in our lives, and taught us a lot about compassion, happiness, and unconditional love. These are the pets of the staff at Family Pet Hospital!

Our Pets

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