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Kitten and Puppy Care

Girl Hugging Golden Retriever

Kitten Care

Once your kittens are here, there are a number of things that you need to do to make sure that they remain happy and healthy. If your new mommy cat is feeding the kittens then that’s great. If this isn’t the case then, you may need to step in as a substitute. You can feed newborn kittens with a kitten milk substitute or you can supplement their mommy’s feeds with it if she’s not feeding them enough but, please always check with your vet about the best possible substitute. It is also a good idea to make an appointment for your new litter with your local vet for a check-up. Some veterinary surgeries put special care packages together for new litters which include vaccinations, spaying, and neutering so that your kittens can develop into healthy cats. Neutering should not be carried out until your kittens are at least four months old. It will ensure you have no surprise litters and get rid of a lot of destructive behaviors, particularly in male kittens. Another thing to discuss with your vet is the type of food your kitten will need when it is weaned. You will need to make sure that the food you choose is made especially for kittens because it’s the only way that it will contain the correct nutrients for your growing pet. Always check the label and make sure it conforms to AAFCO (Association of America Feed Control Officials) standards. Training your kittens to use the litter box shouldn't be difficult. Placing your kittens in their litter box after meal times will help them to understand what they need to do. You may find it better to get smaller trays for young kittens. Remember, young kittens won’t know that they made a mess if they do not use the litter tray so don’t rub your kitten’s nose in any accidents they have. Just wipe up the mess with a kitchen towel and pop it into the litter tray. Place your kitten in with it and rub their paws across the litter to help them see that they’re supposed to use it to go here and bury it. One of the nicest things about pets is spending time snuggling with them. This is actually really beneficial for your kittens. Petting and handling your kittens gives them confidence and helps them to socialize so it makes sense to encourage your kitten to meet as many other pets and people as possible. This also means that, when you decide whether they’re going to be indoor or outdoor cats, they will have fewer fears around humans and animals they are likely to meet. If you do decide that you want your kittens to be outdoor kittens, please speak to your vet about microchipping.

Puppy Care

Once your puppies are here, there are a number of things that you need to do to make sure that they remain happy and healthy. If the new mom is feeding the puppies then it provides a great start for them. If this isn’t the case then, you may need to step in as a substitute. You can get milk substitutes from local pet stores to feed your puppies. The milk substitute can also be used as a supplement if mom’s not feeding them enough but, always check with us, your local vet about the best possible substitute. Once your puppies reach the weaning stage, make sure that you get advice on the best type of food to give them, and always get special nutritionally balanced puppy food to make sure that they grow up healthy and happy. We recommend you think about microchipping, which is really important in case your little ones ever slip their leashes. Your puppies will need to be exercised once they are around four months and only after they have had all of their vaccinations. The breed of your puppies will vary the distances you’ll be able to take them on their earlier walks. Speak to your vet for specific advice on your own breed, and make sure that you have suitable leashes and collars. With so many available, you should be able to find the ones best for you. They can be a very important training tool. Toilet training your puppies shouldn’t be stressful. If they’re with their mommy for the first few months they will easily copy their mom’s behavior by going outside to do their business. Avoid punishing your puppy for any accidents inside the house, instead reinforce and reward their behavior when they do go outside. All puppies love cuddles and they can help to build up confidence in your puppies as well as being lovely to you. Cuddles also help puppies to socialize and feel stable in their environment.