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Ways to Spoil Your Pets

A Pug (Dog) Jumping Over a Training Obstacle Stick

Ways to spoil your cat

Cats are well known for being a little bit aloof and generally only complying with their owner on their own terms, but underneath that cool exterior there really is a furry little heart just crying out to be adored and spoiled!

Engage her

You may have the most docile cat on the planet, but even she can’t deny her natural instincts, which are to pounce, hunt, and chase. Engaging her in games such as chase the light, the string, a toy mouse, etc. all appeal to her and she will delight in having some one-on-one game time with you.

Groom her

Cats love the attention that comes with grooming, and she will probably quite happily lay on her back for hours while you lavish her with attention. She will make it known where her favorite spots are, and you have the benefit of knowing you are doing her coat the world of good too.

Feed her raw meat

Deboned poultry or beef is a fantastic and tasty treat that is also good for her teeth and gums.

Give her catnip!

If you’ve not used catnip before then prepare to be amazed! A herb that comes from the mint family, catnip creates a natural euphoric high for around 70% of cats. Some cats go absolutely crazy and run around chasing their tails, while others enter a blissful zen-like state. The effects usually last around 15-20 minutes and once it wears off, it will be a few hours before it affects your cat in the same way again.

Buy her a new scratching post

There is nothing quite like the relief of a good scratch, and cats also need to scratch a lot to keep their claws short and in good condition.

Giver her somewhere new to explore

Cats love to explore small spaces, so save your boxes, tubes, and paper bags for a while and then let her loose with a few of them. She will have hours of fun!

Ways to spoil your dog

Dogs really are a man’s best friend, and your canine companion is probably more than happy so long as he is with you. However, there are still some other ways in which you can truly spoil your dog.


Food really is the way to a dog’s heart, and sharing some of your favorite meals with him is sure to make him happy. Just make sure that what you are making is suitable for him to eat too! There are also many businesses popping up that offer special, delicious doggy treats that will make his day.


Playing ball never gets old if you are a dog. Whether it is fetch, tug of war, or any other silly game you know, spending time playing with our pets is one of their favorite things and they just love having our undivided attention for a while!


Walks appeal to the natural curiosity of these four-legged friends, and they love nothing better than a good exploration of the local area. To help keep things interesting, try and vary your walking route from time to time. It will be a great surprise for him! Just make sure you check out the area properly, particularly if you plan on letting him off the leash.


Dogs are highly intelligent animals and some breeds, in particular, are known for getting very bored if they are left to their own devices for too long. Teaching your dog new things will be very exciting to them and will provide a fun new game for you to do together! You could also look at enrolling in a training class, as this would give him (and you!) the chance to socialize too!

Strokes and belly rubs

Dogs, like cats, love a good stroke and in particular, a belly rub. We’ve even known canine companions who nudge visitors' hands out of their pockets in an attempt to get some hands-on affection! Combine with a massage, especially after a long walk, to help to relax your pet’s muscles and provide him with some quality spoiling!


Swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs too, and many can’t wait to get their paws into a lake, stream, or sea for a doggy paddle! You can even get special life vests if your pet isn’t the most confident swimmer!

There is no doubt that your pet brings a lot of joy into your life, so try some of these ways to spoil your furry friend and cement that bond of love between you forever.